Freight Audit Payment Service Can Reduce Freight Costs Billed in Error

3-5% of all freight bills are billed incorrectly!

If your company is processing a high volume of freight transportation bills / invoices without auditing them for accuracy – you are probably overpaying a significant amount of money without knowing it.

Our freight audit payment service electronically pays domestic and international transportation freight bills, verifying that all charges are accurate prior to payment.

Eliminate Freight Bill Overcharges With Freight Audit Payment Service

  • Average $6.00 savings per freight bill by overcharge reductions.
  • Get additional savings using EDI processing with shipping companies.
  • We pay freight bills ON TIME and accurately keeping your firm in good standing with the carriers / freight forwarders.
  • Freight bills are paid according to YOUR negotiated terms.
  • Overcharge corrections resulting from our audits are resolved quickly and amicably.
  • We communicate with your carriers / freight forwarders, saving you time and expense.
  • Every freight bill is audited by professionally trained personnel.
  • International shipping invoice audit service is available.
  • Correct Incoterms and accurate import duty is assured.
  • Flexible, customized data management reporting tracks costs and savings opportunities.