Reduce Shipping Costs and Optimize Your Supply Chain

Our global shipping logistics experts help you find the best possible modes and carriers for transporting your goods on time, while saving significant costs.

Franklin Global Strategies recommends the best possible carriers and/or international freight forwarders for your supply chain management needs. We then help your firm negotiate rates and lead times. Ultimately, YOU make all relevant decisions utilizing our experts and the best possible logistics information available.

We also help you improve cash flow by providing information and data management tools to help your firm track shipping costs – quickly and accurately.

  • "Franklin has been responsive to our needs and very knowledgeable of logistics management issues concerning our industry."
    – T.A., Rochester, NY

Franklin Global Strategies Clients Receive Peace of Mind and Savings!

  • Our strong relationships with multiple, cost-effective, and reliable transportation providers make certain FGS is delivering optimum logistics options and providing a “best possible” client experience.
  • We are experts in freight negotiations, saving clients time and money. We handle all the details.
  • Ensure the Incoterms most favorable to your firm as an importer / exporter are utilized.
  • Our “Least Cost Carrier Routing Guide” predetermines your domestic and international shipping choices based on your specific needs.
  • Our “International Forwarder and Domestic Carrier Routing Compliance Report” ensures compliance to your logistics strategy and improves supply chain metrics.
  • Our web-based customized data management reporting provides an overview of all Logistics Management activity according to your unique circumstances.
  • Services such as our “Market Cost Analysis and Comparisons” provide important data concerning shipping costs for raw materials and/or finished goods.
  • Accrual Reports are available.